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We curate independent, niche brands from all over the globe with a story to tell. At AIRE goods craftsmanship, sustainability and a timeless design go hand in hand. Our curated collection of handmade objects from unique makers is what separates us from the crowd and we wouldn't want in any other way. We invite you to discover those pieces that are made in small ateliers and created with lots of passion and love.

Next to our independent makers we offer a selection of timeless staples, curated to be the foundation of any wardrobe. We regularly add a seasonal touch with a selection of fashion items - sourced from current stock, dead stock and seasonal left-overs. By taking this approach we aim to contribute to minimizing the huge fashion overstock that is left every season through pre-ordering.

Are you an independent brand?

We're always on the look out for new and exiting brands and passionate makers. Are you an independent brand? Get in touch to see if we can be friends and collaborate.

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