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Nordesign is founded by siblings Tessa and Fernando in 2021 in Tübinge, Germany. The brand offers high quality sustainable alternatives to conventional household products, created with attention to detail and a focus on functionality.

Fueled by an Air BnB experience in Italy, where they came across an empty bottle with a spray head during their search for a wash up up liquid soap, the brand’s mission is to transport the feeling of the Nordic lifestyle, combined with joy, design and sustainability into your home down to the smallest detail.

"With Nordesign we offer kitchen accessories that come to the fore with their minimalist design and fit perfectly into your home. A holistically sustainable approach is important to us in the manufacture of our products."

"With its products, Nordesign reaches people who value sustainable products in all areas of life. In addition to the sustainability and the functional use of the products, we want to stand out with a classic and timeless design. Our products combine simplicity and elegance."
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