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Gai + Lisva

Gai + Lisva

Founded in Denmark in 2007, Gai + Lisva offers thoughtful design that are meant to be cherished and worn again and again. Founded and led by women, the brand uses Gai + Lisva as a tool to create meaningful change - both for the women wearing their clothes and the women producing them. That’s why it aims to take both the environment and the reality of women into consideration, as those two things are connected.

Throughout their products and supply chain, Gai + Lisva works to proactively place women at the centre, by activating, supporting, and uplifting their role in the journey through fair practices, respectful relations and considered decisions that point towards a better future.

Diving a bit deeper into the brand’s mission.
Gai + Lisva’s mission is to move women towards a more just future. As a company founded and led by women, the brand works for gender equity.*

Today, fashion has a big environmental footprint and impact on climate change. The fashion industry accounts for more than 1/10 of the total global carbon dioxide output, and accounts for more than 20% of the total plastic produced globally each year. As a company that produces clothing, this is important to consider. The clothing industry is an industry that effects our planet in a not positive way, and which again effects many women’s everyday life to become even more difficult due the mass production and to the climate changes that follows.

How is clothing and climate change connected to women?
More clothing is being produced than ever, number of garments produced each year has at least doubled since 2000. Very little get recycled or resold and the rest is burned or dumped into land fields, where they create an environmental catastrophe, and where women carry the burden, due to the gender inequalities and the socio-economic roles of today’s women, that unfortunately are still deep-rooted in every society.

Due to inequality women are more affected by climate change than men.
Every day, Gai + Lisva works to address how our core activities can be used as tools to create gender equality and help to create better life for women. Meanwhile the brand consistently works on lowering their impact on local ecosystems in the countries where the brand produces and where its consumers are based. 

Gai + Lisva is designed with respect and thoughtfulness. For and by women.

*Women all over the world starts from different points and experiences, for this reason all women need different resources to reach the same place in life.

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