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Lamixtura is an award-winning Spanish skincare brand, founded by Amaia and Silvia. Two pharmacists. Two passionate cosmetic scientists. Two women whose goal is to find the best skincare solutions.

Silvia Garcia is a specialist in advanced techniques in galenic formulation, the study of the transformation of raw ingredients into cosmetics or medicines. For the last 15 years, she has been researching, innovating, and developing skincare formulations for diverse skin conditions. Along the way, she has written several articles in scientific publications and has been granted several product innovations awards.

Amaia Frade is a third-generation pharmacist and a specialist in cosmetics and dermopharmacy. After 8 years of experience in galenic formulation, she has become a firm believer in design thinking; developing real products for real skin needs.

Both women have spent their entire lives in lab coats and are dedicated to dermocosmetics. All their formulations are designed in-house and never uses stock white label formulations from third party-manufacturers. Lamixtura works with Advanced Galenic Technology: quick-break emulsions, oil-gel textures or 100% natural origin preservative systems are among our cosmetic formulation successes. By using these specific technologies, the brand makes their active ingredients more bio-available to your skin, and therefore, more effective. Advanced galenic technology is key to cosmetic pleasure and enables the brand to create sophisticated textures and delicate scents.

Lamixtura uses Green-Tech active ingredients, obtained from 100% natural sources, which are highly concentrated in active molecules. Maracuja seed oil distillate, Lactobacillus ferment and acacia peptides are some of the brand’s favorite hero ingredients. 

Our skin is exposed to multiple challenges – UV radiation, pollution, fumes, stress, changes in temperature, lack of sleep, etc. We live in constant change, and this can deeply affect our skin. It’s continuously adapting to our environment, trying to regain balance. Lamixtura was born to be mixed. Different skin issues arise at different moments, and with each type of skin. By mixing the Lamixtura products, they adapt to your skin and not the other way round. 

Science based: Lamixtura develops their own formulas applying the latest Green-Tech innovations. This is what makes the brand's products unique.

Seriously effective: Lamixtura works. And not just because the brand says so. All their products are backed by dermocosmetic studies.

Natural Beauty: Lamixtura celebrates your unique and natural beauty. With all peculiarities and imperfections and everything that makes us authentic.

100% Vegan: Lamixtura never uses ingredients of animal origin, nor do they perform animal testing. And the brand believes that no cosmetic brand should.

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