Ever since I came across this beautiful brand, I've been eager to learn the story behind its products and strong mission. And I soon learned it was founded by a French woman, living in Spain who decided to passionately follow her dreams after a life-turning experience. 

"Wisdow is born as a beautiful path of reconnection and healing, on the shores of Bali. There, surrounded by nature, the life-changing experience of the loss brought the most powerful purpose: to innovate the industry of skincare by designing high-performance bioactive botanicals supported by science. The holistic approach of Wisdow is a link of connectivity between nature, skin and soul to truly align yourself and honour your well-being."

I'm so happy to introduce you to Chloe, the female founder of Wisdow formulas. Chloe's brand is build on her mission to connect nature, skin and soul, intertwined with her personal values. Founding a botanical skincare brand on those values is daring and innovative, but most of all - utterly personal.

"I love to go running at the beach and connect with the Nature as much as I can. It's vital for me."

What is your brand’s philosophy?

Our motivation is to inspire each of you to create a change in the way you treat your bodies and health promoting awareness and transparency. We also stand for gender neutral products that are meant for all people. All skin types, all skin tones, all genders. Because healthy skin is genderless and we all deserve it. We want you to create a space where you deeply feel the best version of yourself.

Taking time for myself means

For me, taking care of myself doesn't mean fancy products. Truly taking care of myself means nourishing your mind, body and spirit. It means finding the balance within your everyday life that allows you to feel at peace. Self-care is a sacred space, filled with unconditional love. Where you can find yourself first, your true self, again and again. There’s intention, energy, connection and commitment behind them. These conscious cares will have a positive impact in my present-future. Wellbeing rituals allow me to slow down and to align yourself.

On my reading list

Well Being by Danielle Copperman
Moonology by Yasmin Boland
The Moonflower Monologues by Tess Guinery
Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited

Nusa Penida, a beautiful Island next to Bali. Really wild when I visited it and a real Beauty of Nature.

The one thing I cannot live without

Definitely the Wisdow Facial oil Regenerative Rose hip - Neroli. My daily essential.

On my Bucket list

Well, right now nothing. I’m moving from Barcelona to Bali in June after a year of paperworks and organization. Right now I’m actually selling most of my things, it’s really hard but worth it:) A dream comes true.

"Create a life you can't wait to wake up to."

I get my inspiration from

From Nature. My surroundings influence me. I love to go running at the beach and connect with the Nature as much as I can. It's vital for me. The city, the noise, the pollution drives my work to create skincare that helps others to feel grounded even in the city. Through Wisdow's holistic products I wanted to create skincare that can help your wellbeing through active botanicals and essential oils blend; bringing the benefits of aromatherapy and skin healing. So when I'm in my second home in Bali, Nature is the essence of each new formula that I create.

The one word that describes me most

Hypersensitive (as a good Pisces).

On my playlist right now

Smile by Jungle
Runaway by Ziggy Albert
Origins by Tennis
Slowly by Olivia Dean
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Too Good by Arlo Parks
River by Leon Bridges
The Head and The Heart
Peach Fuzz by Caamp

My motto

Create a life you can’t wait to wake up to.

What nobody knows about me

I'm playing Harmonica, my folk side :)

Wisdow at AIRE goods

I'd like to invite you to discover Chloe's products at the Wisdow brand page. Explore the hand-made, all natural botanical skincare range and find your favorite. PS. The Wisdow Botanical Deep Cleansing Oil comes highly recommended - an absolutely gorgeous oil to clean your skin with.

Would you like to learn more about the Widow range or ask Chloe a question? Leave your comment below!

With love,

Esther, founder of AIRE goods