It’s been lingering in my mind for over decades and this year, the time has finally come to make a change. As long as I can remember I’m dreaming of far away places, new horizons, living consciously and intentionally, enjoying life and follow an unknown and exciting path into the future.

But as as long as I can remember I’ve also found a thousand excuses not to follow my intuition. Last year has been challenging for many of us and for me, the days felt like Groundhog Day, again and again. A change was needed and I guess the pandemic was the ultimate accelerator.

It is with great joy but also with a little bit of melancholy that I would like to share some news with you. That much needed change I mentioned is coming this year as I will move to Spain. Together with my husband Pascal, I will embark on a new journey into the unknown but at the same time quite known. For years I’ve been traveling to this beautiful country with its friendly habitants, jaw-dropping landscapes and energetic cities. With this bold move we aim to find a peaceful place in Andalusia and ultimately hope to invite you sometime soon to stay at our Casa - a warm place to unwind, get spoiled and take it slow.

What does this mean for AIRE goods?

Some time this year the online store is paused for a couple of weeks to move house. Don’t worry though, AIRE goods will continue to exist and our online store will be managed from Spain. Gradually I will update the mission, bring some new and fresh updates to the store and eventually a renaming will take place. All updates will be implemented within the following months and of course, I will regularly inform and inspire you with the latest news and updates. 

What to expect in the future?

AIRE goods will slowly grow towards a more thoughtful living community - in line with my personal mission and a perfect fit with our future Casa in mind: uncover the best version of yourself by slowing down, nourish your body and mind and enjoy the little (sustainable) luxuries in life.

We've got lots of exciting things to come: a wellness category packed with lovely feel good products and services such as sportswear, health care, travel, classes, retreats and good food. We will expand our skincare category with lots of new, independent brands and conscious self-care products. Next to that, expect more hand made items to take it slow and surround yourself with, new comfort wear, luxury gifts, jewelry and other sunny additions.

This also means we will downsize our seasonal Fashion items considerably and move towards an All Year Round collection of thoughtful styles to wear - at home, during workouts, at work or during leisure time.

Our Magazine will be updated with interviews of noteworthy makers, unique women, inspiration to travel, read and go-to and lots of ideas to take care of yourself. And there's even more to come as you surely will discover over the next couple of months. Do keep on visiting our Instagram page and our online Magazine to get the latest news.

What about the Studio?

The Studio will be open to visit until the end of February. I therefore would like to take the opportunity to invite all of you to join me on February 26th - from 13:00 to 16:00 for a last get-together. It will be a pleasure seeing you in Kortenhoef before we close our doors in The Netherlands and open up our Spanish ones some time soon. Expect a cosy afternoon with drinks, a smile and some shopping surprises.

Lastly, I am forever grateful to have met such lovely and dear customers. Thank you for your support, it's been a wonderful couple of years and I really wouldn’t be here without all of you. Keep on following AIRE goods as we embark on an exiting new journey.

With love,

Esther - Founder of AIRE goods