Every day I search for the most unique independent makers who are passionate about their products and dare to make a difference. Building our Self-care range is not an easy, quick task - there are literally thousands of small brands out there. But sometimes hidden gems are found. 

Some makers leave a lasting impression from the moment I connect with them and dó add value to everyday life. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get in touch with the two lovely and passionate female founders of Lamixtura skincare. I'm so exited to introduce you to both of them as they land on Dutch ground for the first time.

Amaia Frade and Silvia Garcia are two Spanish cosmetologists and beauty industry insiders. In 2019 they left their R&D jobs - after over 25 years of formulating dermocosmetics - with a mission to create effective skincare that makes a positive change to the skin.Their main challenge was to formulate a 100% natural, vegan skincare range in the most sustainable way possible.

"We live in complicated, constantly changing times with relentless, fast paced lives. At the same time, now more than ever we have a need for moments of rest – little oases of peace – so as not to lose ourselves. We often look for this calmness in nature: feeling the change of the seasons or appreciating a marigold on the edge of a forest path are subtle, little things that help us to find this inner peace.

With Lamixtura we want to convey a vision of calm, a return to nature. We want our natural and environmentally conscious recipes to give you moments to pamper yourself, do something good for your skin and just switch off."

Lamixtura is a unique brand that is driven by the passion and knowledge of both founders, two cosmetic scientists and the need to connect science with nature. Developing their products - combining nature, science and sustainability is not an easy task but both women are a remarkable example of how far passion can bring you in life.

Sharing their love with skin-positive messages to empower all women to take care of their skin has gotten us curious: who are those two genius, friendly women behind the brand? We've asked them a couple of questions to get to know them a little bit better.

"With our skin-positive messages we want to empower women to take care of themselves."

Taking time for myself means

Amaia: A long yoga practice on Saturday mornings, followed by breakfast - reading a good book.

Silvia: To enjoy my own company. It helps me to clear my mind and recharge my body.


On my reading list

Amaia: Blue Lights by Joan Didion.

Silvia: Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer.


The most beautiful place I've ever visited

Amaia: Venice. I spent a Christmas holiday there three years ago and it was a dream!

Silvia: Cassís, at the French Provence. A true paradise on earth!


The one thing I cannot live without

Amaia: Stretching. Even if it's for ten minutes only, I need to stretch every single day.

Silvia: Pets! There's nothing like coming home to my furry companion at the end of a long day.


On my Bucket list

Amaia: To transition to a more simple, rural life.

Silvia: To experience a mind, body and soul wellness retreat in a heavenly place.


"I enjoy my own company at times as it helps me to clear my mind and recharge my body."


I get my inspiration from

Amaia: All the amazing women I'm lucky to work with at Lamixtura.

Silvia: Nature.


The one word that describes me most

Amaia: Determined.

Silvia: Caring.


On my playlist right now

Amaia: Les Filles de Illighadad. It soothes my soul! And "Love is the Word", our latest Lamixtura playlist.

Silvia: Desafinado by Joāo Gilberto.


My motto

Amaia: "You don't lie down under obstacles and pity yourself. You go to work to remove them." From Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. (2.4)

Silvia: Never give up!


What nobody knows about me

Amaia: I secretly wish I was the lead singer of a rock & roll band but I have absolutely no talent!

Silvia: My favorite place in the world is home. 

"We are really honored to join the AIRE goods community. Our connection has been inspiring, Esther and we will keep on following you and your plans for the future. Looking forward to being part of your journey!"

I hope you'll fall in love with the Lamixtura products as much as I did. Enjoy and take care of yourself.

With love,

Esther - Founder of AIRE goods

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